Lodge Executive Committee

The Lodge Executive Committee is the head governing body of the Bob White Lodge. The committee is under the leadership of the Lodge Chief. The Lodge Chief is elected during the General Lodge Meeting each fall and serves from January 1 to December 31. Under the Lodge Chief are 3 Vice Chiefs who direct each of the program departments of the lodge: Administration, Inductions and Program. The Vice Chiefs are elected by youth lodge members following the election of the Lodge Chief. Within each department are Committee Chairmen/Coordinators appointed by the Lodge Chief and Vice Chiefs. Each member of the committee is accompanied by an Adviser, appointed by the Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser.

If there is a position listed as open, we encourage you to contact the current Lodge Chief to express your interest in filling the position.



Parker Powell

Jacob Taylor

Rylee Furby

Wyatt Muckinhaupt

Sam Zimmerman


Jacob Darlak

Hunter Gruby

Karter Robinson

Chris Johnson

Nathan Soars

Andrew Zimmerman

Parker Powell

Riley Furby

Robert Bolton Jr.

Fischer Burnett


Ben Johnson

Mari Gruby

Jacob Taylor

Robert Bolton Jr.

Sean Murphy

Nicolas Hoeppel

Logan Ediell

Lodge Chief

Immediate Past Chief


Vice Chief of Admin


Media Chairman




Publications Chairman


Trading Post Chairman

Elections Coordinator


Vice Chief of Inductions

Ordeal Chairman

Brotherhood Chairman

Ceremonies Chairman

Vice Chief of Program

Training Coordinator

Cook Crew Chairman

AIA Coordinator

Service Coordinator


Dixie Contingent Leader

NOAC Contingent Leader

Vigil Chief

Chapter Chiefs

Creek River

Kiokee River


Lodge Chief - Jacob Taylor

Immediate Past Chief - Robert Bolton


Vice Chief of Admin - Richard Newell


Media Chairman - Caleb Acree


Registrar - Sam Zimmerman


Publications Chairman - Vacant


Trading Post Chairman - Jacob Darlak

Elections Coordinator - Hunter Gruby

Secretary - Karter Robinson

Vice Chief of Inductions - Chris Johnson

Ordeal Chairman - Nathan Soars

Brotherhood Chairman - Andrew Zimmerman

Ceremonies Chairman - Parker Powell

Vice Chief of Program - Riley Furby

Training Coordinator - Robert Bolton Jr.

Cook Crew Chairman - Fischer Burnett

AIA Coordinator - Vacant

Service Coordinator - Ben Johnson


Dixie Contingent Leader - Vacant

NOAC Contingent Leader - Jacob Taylor

Vigil Chief - Robert Bolton Jr.

Chapter Chiefs

Creek River - Sean Murphy

Kiokee River - Nicolas Hoeppel

Yamasse - Logan Ediell

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