Lodge Events

Fall Ordeal Fellowship

We encourage all lodge members to attend our 2020 Fall Ordeal Fellowship to help bring in new members into our lodge and provide service to our local council camps. This event will be held on 18-19 at Knox Scout Reservation. Make sure to sign up fast to get the early-bird discount. We are also in need of any Ordeal or Brotherhood members to serve as Elangomat and Nimat Guides. If you are interested please contact us in the lodge webpage and sign up as Elangomat and Nimat during registration.

We understand that during the Covid-19 Pandemic changes need to be made in order to safely conduct induction events. Our committees have made many guidelines and preparations to hold in person events. If there are any questions please feel free to contact us.

Cost for ordeal candidates is $60 for early bird and $70 regular.

Cost for brotherhood candidates is $40 of early bird and $50 regular.

Fellowship is $25 for early bird and $35 regular.

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